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"American Idol" for Adult Fans

American Idol for Adult Fans
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15 April, 2003 (Tuesday)


[greyday is your community moderator]

A gathering place for "American Idol" fans!

Yes, this is a lengthy intro. PLEASE do take time to read it over before joining. Thanks!

NOTE: Sorry, but you really should be over 18 to join. Be sure your age shows in your profile -- or otherwise contact me HERE -- let's talk about it. Thanks.

Are you an adult fan of "American Idol"? Like/Love watching this show avidly from week to week -- or perhaps you catch it at random tv-viewing moments?

Would you like to share your thoughts about the contestants, judges, guest judges, host(s)?

Would you like to share your adult fanfic (and hopefully feedback!) that focuses on "AI"?

If you've belonged to other "American Idol" groups (mailing lists, etc.), but long for an adult-based environment, this is the place for you.

Adult content is a given here, so if you feel you'll be offended, please don't join up. Flaming (nasty crap) won't be put up with for one minute. (Trust me on that one.)

Don't forget to always use an lj-cut tag (see HOW below) when posting SPOILERS about an episode of the show! (You certainly don't want to be thoughtless or rude enough to spoil it for people in other time zones!) Thanks.

BEFORE posting your fic, please read THIS. (If you post fic improperly you'll run the risk of being banned from this community. So please take this seriously!)

The use of the lj-cut tag is both essential and REQUIRED here for posting fic, lengthy feedbacks, any images, potential episode spoilers, links (especially lengthy links), Polls, etc. Basically I'm out to avoid things that are too large to display easily for our community members -- and that's usually about how far things extend from left to right. (In the case of fic/feedback, really lengthy entries can also be frustrating for members.)

For a simple guide on HOW to use the lj-cut, please read THIS.

The idea here is to share and have fun. I hate including all these 'regulations,' but I prefer everyone knows up front what's acceptable. Of course your questions and suggestions are more than welcome! Come join and post these to share...

Want to check for fic posts? Feedback posts? Polls? (Etc.) Take a look in our MEMORIES.

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[Please help spread the word about these communities. Thanks.]

[DISCLAIMER: This community has no desire to genuinely slander or defame anyone connected with "American Idol." All entries posted here are the opinions of the community members. All fic posted here is clearly done so with the intent of recreational reading -- and is acknowledged as entirely fictious in nature. We who are members are happy to proclaim our interest and support of the series "American Idol."]